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Barb Segura

Grief Certified Counselor



A Certified Grief Educator is committed to providing the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the often unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief. Certified Grief Educators complete an intense program designed by world renowned grief expert, David Kessler. They bring his unique methodology, tools, and decades of experience to help people navigate the challenges of grief. 

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About Barb Segura

Barb creates a sacred space for healing and transformation.  Grief is often unacknowledged in our fast paced, youth-oriented culture.  And, the grief journey is an individual journey, as unique as fingerprints.  If tended to, grief can guide our healing and enrich our lives.  She provides grief education, consultation, coaching and facilitates support groups. Some support groups are offered specifically for the Jewish mourner. 


Barb completed a full-time career in addiction treatment in prison settings. She has training through Yerusha Institute in the Age-ing to Sage-ing Program as well as with world renowned grief expert, David Kessler. She enjoys being a grandmother and the opportunity these days to spend lots of time with her family. 

My inspiration for this work is my parents, Theresa and Yitzak, both of whom died without treatment for their addictions and mental challenges. What I saw as a child didn’t make sense…. bottles of alcohol, empty glasses, loud music, filled ashtrays and adults yelling at each other. It started to make sense when I was in my 40’s working in a drug treatment program, that my parents were addicts.  I learned that some of the things my mother said to me, no mother in their right mind would say to their child. But my mother wasn’t in her right mind; she had experienced psychotic breaks characteristic of mental illness. My father was volatile. I learned that the violence that erupted from him so routinely, was part of his addiction and unhealed trauma. They had been through brutal traumas of their own and they could only find relief by numbing their pain. Wanting to numb the pain is part of the complex illness called addiction that needs compassionate treatment. Through my own dedicated grief work, I have begun to remember them with more love than pain. I dedicate my work to their memories


Her intention is to create sacred spaces for healing and grief conversations; creating grief literate communities one conversation at a time.  Facing one's grief and relationship with death can bring richness and depth to one’s  life.  She will walk alongside you on your journey. 

Certified Addiction Counselor FL #002738-2014 Licensed Professional Counselor CT #463
Clinical Mental Health Counselor FL MH16347


Connect. Share. Learn. Grow. Heal.


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Grief Coaching

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Helpful Resources

As part of our offerings, Barbara J Segura provides access to additional information including publications, articles, links and more. Here you can find all of our available resources that might be helpful.


Is a grief support group right for me?

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How grief coaching can help


Why a consultation?

Our grief is as unique as our fingerprints. In a grief support group you will be among others who understand, and where you can still talk about the one you have loved and lost. 

Grief Coaching is specific to your needs and your grief journey. Though we all experience grief, how we move through the pain of the loss is very personal. Grief coaching  provides a targeted emphasis on your personal grief journey and where support may be needed.   

Whether you are a griever or a professional looking for a grief specialist to support you in your work with clients, all new clients receive a free half-hour consultation with me. You’ll be able to decide if we are a good fit and you’d like to work together.  What are your questions about what it will be like to work together? Schedule a chat. There’s no obligation.

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