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The Importance of Human Connection

Humans are tribal. We  hurt, heal and grow in community.  My teacher, David Kessler says grief needs to be witnessed to heal. And, we heal in community with others. Learn more about the importance of Human Connection in Grief. 

 Grieving Fully and Living Fully

 Grief changes our lives. It’s a change we don’t want and it’s a change we didn’t ask for. Yet here we are changed forever after the loss of our loved one. And, even though it may seem difficult right now, you can eventually remember with more love than pain. I’m here to help. 

Understanding Your Emotions

Emotions can be exhausting in grief. Emotions are energy that can get stuck in our bodies. Learn more about how to manage your emotions in grief. Remember that you are not broken and you don’t need fixing. Emotions are a normal response to loss.  Grief yoga and journaling as well as talking can help.

Regularly Updated

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An all around guide to grief resources 

Grief yoga

For those who have lost loved ones to suicide or mental illness. 

A website for men who may be wondering what all this talk about grief is about 

Resources for depression and anxiety

Our brains are always changing and able to learn new things

For those dealing with the loss of a military loved one

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